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Project Management

International Project Management Consultancy

Our objective is to add an international project management layer to services of our customers and provide cost effective integrated solutions to the companies that require their projects to be managed under international project management standards.

Project Management Consultancy Services 

Projects are temporary, so that, the project management organizations are. There are many conditions that you might require qualified support for your projects even there are allocated resources within your company. ENTEGRATOR provides objective and transparent project management consultancy (PMC) services by integrating Customer and Supplier environment; ensures the most appropriate integrated solutions has been implemented on the different project phases;

  • Supervision Scoping, preliminary design, basic and detail engineering
  • Prepare, review and update and clarification of technical contracts and tender files.
  • Construction, Implementation and Commissioning Management
  • Integration support during Operation and Maintenance Handover

ENTEGRATOR makes your projects commissioned as it designed, on budget, on time within required quality.

If you are looking for more special management products or solutions for your projects, please visit our solution page.

Tailored Project Management System Establishment

ENTEGRATOR is able to provide tailored project management systems for your Company.

We review and audit overall performances past and existing projects according to 6 performance variables. We analyse issues coming from your customer and we, together, develop a tailored project management system for your company.

Project Management Department ESTABLISHMENT Stages

We differ from a standard consulting services. We work for developing your enterprise knowledge as well as developing skills of key employees and/or executives in your company.

We also manage couple of projects within your company to get the project management skills and knowledge transformation has been smoothly completed.

Project Management Department IMPLEMENTATION Process Map